Massage for Pain in Montevideo, MN

Accepting new clients on 11/15/2022

Pain relief is what we do here.

Tweaked backs, noisey knees, splitting headaches, hamstrung hammies, it’s all in our wheelhouse.

Are you ready to feel better?

You’re a good match for SCI if you want to skip the expensive naps and get to the part where you feel better. Turns out, not being in pain is pretty relaxing.

Ready to get started?

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Massage That’s All About You

It’s all about you here.

Your session is all inclusive. You will never be up-charged for individual tools, techniques, evaluations, or programs.

All sessions are done in clothing. I recommend active wear or gym clothes. But, whatever you feel comfortable in will be fine.

Your session will never be rushed. I often go over time by at least a few minutes.

We only accept a limited number of clients per day so that your never left cooling your heels in a waiting area.

Techniques Used at SCI

Clinical and Orthopedic Massage
Joint and Tissue Manipulations
Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphedema Management
Fertility Support
Prenatal and Postnatal Stress
Light Therapy
Cupping Therapy
Trigger Point Treatments
Neuromuscular Therapy
CBD Creams
Stretch Lab
Mobility Programs


Open on Weekends
Kid Friendly w/ Entertainment Area
Self Care Stations
No Hassle Online Booking
Early and Late Sessions

Who Can We Help

ME: I got a full nights sleep!
MY NECK: But you did it wrong.

We work with a wide variety of clients. The one thing they all have in common is an allergy to bullshit. Our clients are looking for real solutions not a place that’s going to waste their time and money.

We can help with:

Chronic and Acute Back Pain
Tendonitis & Tendonopathy
Recurrent Migraines
Pre and Post Surgical Injuries
Neuropathic Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Running Injuries
Scar Tissue Remodeling
Carpal Tunnel
Hypermobility (EDS)

If you still aren’t sure if you should give SCI a try, we totally understand. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what other clients had to say about their time with us.

The Bodywork Blog

Massage for Fascia: Does fascia release?

Fascia is a confusing concept for massage clients and even massage therapists.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and even more crazy treatments.

This post was made to help you zero in what we actually know about this tissue and how massage can affect it.

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