Josh Cottle – Medical Manual Therapist

Josh Cottle – HHP, LMT, CPT

With all those initials I must be hot shit!

Those abbreviations advertise that I am someone who believes healthcare should involve your mind and body, believes touch can be healing, and knows activity matters.

Treating pain is hard. and it’s complicated. It’s like putting together a puzzle. It takes time. Each piece will take some time to find. In the end though you will have a whole set of tools to treat and prevent further issues. Not only will we help the current issue, but hopefully you’ll have the tools to treat future ones.

I don’t think you will find a therapist that offers more treatment options than you will find here. SCI offers gentle treatments such as massage and joint manipulations and more intense options like cupping and muscle scraping.

There’s also no needle acupuncture. Yes, you read that right.

These hand-on options are supported by active treatments such as prescriptive exercises and resistance training.

My philosophy is simple.

I want you to feel better.

I want you to have less pain.

And I want you to stay that way!

(And maybe, tell a friend or two about your experience at SCI)

Want to know even more?

I am have a holistic healthcare degree and am a licensed manual therapist. Basically, I think healthcare should involve your mind and body and that physical touch can be healing.

Why did I go down this road?

That answer is complicated. It has a lot to do with being able to help my wife. She injured her back at work, and it was supposed to be a quick fix, easy-peezy because she was young, active, and healthy.

“She’s young, active, and healthy; She’s a perfect candidate for a great outcome” 

– One of many doctors.

What followed was nearly a decade of, doctors, surgeries, PT’s, OT’s, a laundry list of medications, alternative treatments, and painful procedures. There was also a lot of blatant quackery from both western and alternative medicine.

At multiple points, both my wife and I seemed to be at the end of our respective ropes. The experience tried our relationship in every possible way.

This experience is why I am out here helping people. It’s also why SCI Body Therapy operates the way it does. You will never be rushed, and I will always listen to you.