Massage That’s All About You

It’s all about you here.

SCI Body Therapy is an individualized experience. Of course you can plan on getting a great massage, but our treatments go far beyond that. From the very first moment you will know why we are different.

We use an individualized and integrated therapy approach that is multidimensional to ensure that your outcome is a positive one. You will have a tailor made plan that evolves as your needs change.

At SCI you will never feel rushed. And you will never feel like a number!

We listen, we get to know you, and we develop, not just a snapshot of your issue, but a full understanding of  what is happening with your body. Post session we will help identify activities that may be contributing to the issue, so that you can maximize your relief and time between sessions.

We don’t charge extra for any tools or modalities that we opt to use during your session. It’s one price and you will ALWAYS get the full session time.


Clinical Sports Massage

Perfect Pressure (Deep Tissue)

Muscle Testing and Functional Analysis

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Cupping (Static and Moving)

Spray and Stretch

Muscle Release Techniques

Trigger Point

CBD Oil Treatments

*** We recommend comfy clothes or active wear for your first session ***

Ready to get started?