Oncology Massage: A Secret Weapon

Can Massage cure Cancer?

No. Let me say that again. NO.

Unequivocally, absolutely, hell to the no (just in case anyone missed it).

There are unscrupulous providers out there of all types that will try to sell you all kinds of “CURES” for cancer. These people are idiots, they’re immoral, and you should avoid anyone that promises anything of the sort.

Be wary of anyone selling “cancer cures”.

Can Massage Spread Cancer?

No, massage cannot induce metastasis (spreading) of cancer cells.

This ability happens at the cellular level. The DNA of the affected cells evolves and the cancer develops the ability to spread. This fact is also why early screening and early detection is vital.

This misinformation is often repeated by massage therapists which is unfortunate because it can keep people with cancer getting a treatment that can be very beneficial.

Don’t take our word for it though, please have a look at this information from BreastCancer.org and the National Institutes of Health. If you have more questions speak to your oncologist or email us for more information.

How CAN massage help you?

Oncology massage is a version of manual therapy that adapts traditional massage techniques to your specific case. Oncology massage factors in how the cancer is presenting, how it’s being treated, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how it is affecting you.

Cancer is a disease that impacts everyone differently. The only constant is the need for routine self-care. Cancer causes massive stress on the body and that’s even before treatment begins. Once you add in treatments like radiation and chemotherapy the need for “you” time is even more pronounced.

Stress is universal among cancer patients. There’s the obvious worrying about the outcome, but that is often compounded by suddenly having your normal life transformed into being all about the cancer.

massage can help with stress
Massage plays a pivotal role in stress reduction during cancer treatment.

Then there are the changes in your family and friends. Some may become hyper helpful, others may withdrawal because they don’t know what to say or do. Then you have the treatment side effects, which can vary from mild to pure hell. And finally, there are many changes that cannot be foreseen.

These unknown, unknowns, maybe the most stressful part of your whole ordeal!

You can see how quickly the stress can mount. Stress can turn to anxiety and anxiety can lead to depression. None of which puts your body in a place for fighting and recovery.

Breaking the Stress Cycle

At SCI Body Therapy, our oncology massage sessions aim to help stop that cycle both during your appointment and at home. We will help you build a toolbox that you can have available between sessions that will help navigate the complex changes that can get in the way of getting better.

Stress and anxiety directly interfere with the bodies ability to deal with physical stresses. Stress also undermines the bodies natural healing processes. This can increase recovery times from treatment which as you may know are already pretty rough.

Oncology massage can reduce the side effects of cancer treatments like radiation.
Massage may help with the side effects of Radiation Therapy.

Oncology massage also has documented benefits when it comes to pain relief and addressing many of the issues that can arise from the cancer or from the treatments. These include nausea, nerve damage (neuropathy), scarring, and/or swelling (lymphedema).

Many of our oncology clients use their sessions as rewards or goalposts for getting through each section of treatment. Massage feels good and it makes you feel good! That alone may be reason enough to come see us.