What the FAQ


Please ask as many questions as you want. I abide by the rule that there are no dumb questions. Massage is weird, especially if you have never received it. An honest conversation also ensures that we’re on the same page regarding your issues and comfort level.

Guests are welcome for translation or to support you for any reason. I welcome minors and children, but require a parent/guardian to be present during the massage.

We have a supervised playroom available at no charge. Your child can join you for your session. We have toys and entertainment available in the room.


Together, we identify the massage treatment goals. We will discuss your intake form and basic health history.

I will need to know about prior/planned surgeries and any injuries. Please bring a complete list of medications if you are taking any; this includes over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies. 


No. I generally work on clients in active wear or work out clothes. There are times when we may make a plan to address an area with more direct contact. However, undressing is always optional. If you want to disrobe, I will leave the room and allow plenty of time for you to settle onto the therapy table. 

If you do undress, you will always be draped for modesty. I only uncover an area during active treatment. You may always request that I work over the sheet as well.


During the massage I check in on your comfort and pressure. I will always explain a tool or technique before using it. I will check-in regularly too. Please speak up if something is uncomfortable, painful, or just doesn’t feel right. When our time is up, I leave the room so you can get dressed at your convenience.


This is the time for chit-chat!

I will ask you how you felt about the session and ask for feedback. What did you love? What did you hate? We will discuss contributing factors such as activities or habits that may be exacerbating to your issue. I often suggest self-care strategies, tools, or provide referrals.

If you choose, we can have a consultation on pain relief methods that may not be widely known or that you may have questions about. We do not prescribe, only advise.

We will also discuss a treatment plan and schedule the next session.


Massage is an excellent way to ease stress, relieve aches, and reduce low back pain.  I’m a big fan of busting pregnancy massage myths.


Need a blanket? Want more or less pressure? Hate the music? The session is yours, so let’s make it as badass as possible.


With movement-hindering injuries or conditions, I have bolsters and pillows for support. If you need assistance, I can do so in a way that protects your modesty.


For injuries or conditions that are sensitive to pressure or movement, I don’t do deep tissue massage, I do deep enough massage. I  check-in often and adjust accordingly. I focus on precision and do not employ brute force. 


Ticklish feet, hairy back, sweaty from a workout, don’t want to undress? Not to worry, we don’t judge. Please let us know how we can make your session as comfortable as possible.


If you’re feeling vulnerable, schedule a pre-massage visit, and we’ll make a plan to decrease or eliminate triggers. Again, it’s your session; we want you to have an optimal experience.


Our practice is a respectful space for every body and everybody. All races, ethnicities, incomes, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, disabilities, body types, religions, languages, and cultures are welcome to work with me in prioritizing and improving their health.