How to Pick a New Massage Studio

What is the most important consideration when picking a massage studio or spa. There are three main things you want to look for when selecting a new massage studio or massage spa.

1.) Location, Location, Location

Your new massage studio needs to be convenient. That comes in a few different forms. The studio should be close to either your home or your workplace, so it’s easy for you to access physically.

A massage studio that is close to you is a massage studio you will visit. It’s never out of the way. This translates to you sticking to a treatment plan or using massage for monthly maintenance. Read more about the importance of maintenance here.

SCI Body Therapy offers massage for pain relief and sports maintenance in Westminster and Broomfield. Our studio offers easy access for clients in both of these cities.

2.) Hassel-Free Scheduling

Scheduling your massage session should be EASY. We recommend finding a business that offers online booking. Calling to schedule is always an option, but online booking lets you quickly pick the time that works best for YOU.

The studio should send confirmation texts and reminders to ensure that you don’t miss your session (and end up paying for it anyway).

You can see an example SCI Body Therapy’s menu and booking options by clicking the button. Don’t worry you can come back to this page.

3.) The Right Therapist

This one is going to involve some trial and error, especially if you’ve never had a massage. Each massage therapist is going to have their own style and skill set. Personality will also play a part in your decision.

Generally speaking…

You want a licensed, insured, and well-educated massage therapist. Your therapist should listen to your needs and then make a plan to address them during EVERY session.

Say NO to cookie cutter massages.

Communication is a crucial element to look for in a good therapist. You should never feel like you cannot speak up. You should feel comfortable to tell your therapist if the music is too loud, if your cold, or if you have any concerns whatsoever. A therapist will check in several times during the session.

More if they are doing detailed work.

We love it when you tell us when we are doing something right OR when we are doing something wrong. We also want to know when something feels amazing or if something is painful.

“No pain, no gain is bullshit. Don’t work with a therapist that tells you this.”

We should always be working toward a goal. The goal may be relieving back pain, getting more mobility in your shoulder, or uninstalling stress after a crappy week. Your sessions should always be fresh, yet familiar!

At least that’s how a session works at SCI.

4.) Price

Some massage studios and spas aren’t upfront with their pricing. You’ll find this with self-employed therapists too. For some reason, no one ever wants to talk about money.

I don’t get it.

SCI Body Therapy currently Charges $79 for a one-hour session. We don’t take tips, and we don’t sell you a “wellness program.” We do offer $10 off if you rebbok at the end of a session.

Easy right?

Neither of us spontaneously combusted, 18and you know exactly what to expect when you come to see us.

So what can you expect from other places?

The average drop in rate for a massage at a chain is $99, plus a $20 tip.

That’s $119 total for a 50-minute session. Chains don’t offer full hours (seriously). They have to allow for intake and time to flip the room. That comes out of YOUR session time.

What about a CHEAP massage?

You can find it, but that the idea of it should make you cringe.

You are about to spend an hour with a stranger that is going to move and manipulate your muscles; you will likely be naked or only partially clothed and are probably looking to them to fix or help you maintain your body.

This is not the time to skimp. Spend the money to make sure you have an AMAZING experience. Cheap massage can open the door to injury, unprofessional behavior, and expose you to people who are working without a license (which likely means they have little to no training too).

5.) Perks

Basic Chain Amenities 

Infused Water or Tea on arrival.
Take Home Epsom Salt Soaks
A Little Treat waiting on the Table
Friendly Service
Some way to save on the high drop in prices.

The SCI Difference: What Do We Offer?

Flat Rate Pricing
No Memberships
All Inclusive Sessions
Advanced Training in Injury Rehabilitation
Personalized Session Plans
Full Session Times (an hour is an hour here)
No Tipping Weirdness
Free Childcare (yes, really)
Access to Dry Saunas Included
Access to the Steam Rooms Included
Separate Locker Rooms w/ Private Entrances to the Session Room
Take Home Epsom Salt Soaks
Herbal Oils and Pain Creams Included
Infrared Light Therapy Included
Heat and Ice Options Included
Unique Tools for Percussion and Vibration Therapy
Massage in Westminster, Broomfield, and Denver

Interested in a session with us?


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